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Harrison Rise Project

Existing Gravel Pit Operations

In 2016, FVRD Staff presented two applications for approval in the Board meeting. 

  • Soil Removal Permit (“SRP”):
    • Application to re-contour land for road layout and building sites for a residential subdivision.
    • Complete and close existing pit;
  • Temporary Use Permit (“TUP”):
    • Application to vary the conditions of the zoning bylaw to allow for crushing and processing of gravel

The FVRD approved the Soil Removal Permit and Temporary Use Permit of gravel extraction followed by potential residential development. As per the commitment to cease gravel pit operation in 2022, owners are planning to submit an application for OCP Amendment and Rezoning this year. The FVRD Board in 2016 meeting also discussed the requirement for the applicant to submit a completed OCP / Rezoning application to move forward with a residential subdivision. 

“There should be a subdivision with housing put up instead of a mining facility”
– Larry Watchll (March 22. 2016)

“Feels that the applicant will not put in the subdivision as proposed”
– Elizabeth Pellizzari (March 22, 2016)

“Concerned that applicant will walk away from proposed residential development after 6 years of the TUP”
Cindy Kwan (March 22, 2016)

We are now in the process of fulfilling the commitment of proposing a residential development for the site. We hope to receive input from the public to plan the future of this site.