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Public Engagement

Harrison Rise Project

Public and Local Government Relations

Giesbrecht & Company (G&Co) was engaged to communicate with the public, local stakeholders, and decision makers. As the gravel extraction operations are expected to cease in 2022 following a residential development application, this is an opportunity to further explore housing options in the area. G&Co has researched the Housing Needs Assessment done by the FVRD, that indicated the needed housing stock for current population and expected growth. Meetings with local business owners, Electoral Area Committee Directors, and FVRD Board members were held to discuss their feedback and thoughts. Positive feedback was received from the local business owners as this development will put a stop to the gravel pit operations in the area which will lead to reduced truck traffic.

Next steps include further engaging with residents, stakeholders and decision makers and pursuing relationships by involving project’s proponents in community through sponsoring local initiatives and activities. G&Co will continue to discuss updates with regional directors and board members and will continue to develop relationships with the local First Nations.


Public Consultation

The project team has arranged community engagement events in the past years to discuss the site’s gravel extraction operations and its future potential for residential development. Since 2014, five Public Information Meetings (“PIM”) regarding the future of the site have been held.

A virtual PIM (due to COVID-19 restrictions) was held on August 9, 2021 and introduced the project “Harrison Rise” to the public. Two recently in-person sessions of the Public Consultation Meeting (Design Charrette) were held on April 19 and April 22, 2022. The following boards were presented in the meetings held in April. The public input received during the meetings is summarized in the section below the boards.

Public Consultation (Design Charrette) Sessions Summary

Aplin Martin held two in-person sessions for the Public Consultation Meeting (Design Charrette) on April 19th and April 22nd, 2022, for Harrison Rise development project at 43837 and 43873 Lougheed Highway, PID 012-051-853, PID 013-445-871 and PID 012-051-888 (with no civic address), Electoral Area C.

A total of 19 households attended the first session and 22 households attended the second session.

Below is an overview of the consultation sessions, and a summary of the community feedback. The attendees were asked to add a dot on the tentative location of their house. The red dots on the map below show the responses collected from both the sessions.

Harrison Rise Project Location map

1. Main Concerns with Existing Site

Graph 1

Few attendees expressed other concerns with the existing gravel pit site such as negative impacts on natural habitat, big falling rocks damaging cars and need for youth activities and affordable housing.

2. Land Uses Preferred

Graph 2

Few attendees listed environmental classes for all ages and preference for protected wild space as their preferred land uses.

3. Amenities Preferred

Graph 3

Few attendees listed other amenities needed such as gym for training, medical centre and walk-in clinics.

4. Improvements needed in the Area

Graph 4

5. 10-year Vision for Neighborhood

The attendees were asked to share their vision for the neighborhood. Below is the input received.

  • Diverse small town, safe and growing community
  • Develop this area as a small town so that people live in it and enjoy the peace and beauty of nature
  • Mix of housing to support young families
  • Improved access to sanitary sewerage
  • Respect nature

6. Infrastructure and Servicing

  • Add Lake Errock community to sanitary servicing right away
  • Turning lanes need to be added at Chevron and KFC on both sides
  • No strata lots

7. Housing Affordability Concerns

  • More people living in RVs on the side of the road
  • Need mix of housing for families
  • There is a significant lack of housing to rent / buy for Sandpipers and Hemlock alone
  • Allow suites and coach houses
  • Need low density duplex

8. Affordability Solutions

Graph 5

9. Architectural Characteristics Preference

Graph 6

10. Community Design Elements Preference

Graph 7

The attendees also listed other design element preferences such as need for trails and bike lanes, shielded light and minimize light pollution, need for big lots, and room for inground pool and large backyards.

Public Consultation Meeting

Aplin Martin held an in-person Public Consultation Session on June 7th 2022. The intent of this session was to give the public an opportunity to share their opinion on the proposed concept.

The following boards were presented in the meeting

Thank You For Your Feedback

Questions and comments provided before June 15th will be submitted to the city as part of the public record. The comment window has been closed on June 15th.


Thank you for all the comments provided.