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Summary of Reports

Harrison Rise Project

Technical reports have been prepared on the following topics: Civil Plans, Infrastructure reports, Environmental Assessment, Archeology Assessment, Geotechnical Analysis, Market Study. Summary of the reports have been uploaded for review in the document section.

Summary of Reports - Harrison Rise Project -Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

As a part of the advanced Rezoning Pre-application, Aplin Martin’s Civil Engineering has conducted preliminary road and lot grading studies. We coordinated with MOTI regarding requirements such as site access location, planning requirements and road geometric requirements. Kontur Geotechnical Consultants assisted to assess slope stability, geotechnical setbacks, cut and fill slope requirements and general site recommendations.

Summary of Reports - Harrison Rise Project -water servicing

Water Servicing

Aplin Martin has developed preliminary water servicing concepts based on the existing site conditions and in collaboration with nearby Lake Errock Community and Sq’éwlets First Nation (SFN)’s needs.

The proposed water servicing concept will include two new wells (one production well and one backup well) equipped with pumps, a new reservoir, a new water supply and distribution system to service the proposed development lots. The two wells have been drilled at the northeast of the Project Site off Beaudry Road near Lougheed Highway. The wells have been tested having sufficient yields to supply demands of the proposed development and the Lake Errock Community. The proposed reservoir is planned on the west side of the Project Site at approximately 170 m geodetic. The proposed water servicing concept is planned to also include a connection to the existing Lake Errock Water System

Summary of Reports - Harrison Rise Project -Sanitary Servicing

Sanitary Servicing

The proposed Sanitary Servicing concept includes a sanitary Sewer Collection system and a Wastewater Treatment and Ground Disposal system. Majority of the development lands can be serviced by Gravity Sanitary Sewers, except the two proposed multi-family lots located at the northeast corner of the Project Site, where a small collection, pumping and forcemain system is required. The Wastewater Treatment Plant will be designed to provide tertiary treatment including phosphorus removal to produce a very high effluent quality that would have no impacts on the receiving aquifer and the lake downstream. The design of the wastewater treatment plant and disposal system has considered including the flow from SFN and being expandable to accommodate flows from the Lake Errock Community in the future.

Summary of Reports - Harrison Rise Project -Stormwater management

Stormwater Management

The proposed Stormwater Management concept will include onsite infiltration and rainfall capture for events up to the 10-year return period. Flows exceeding the capacity of source infiltration / retention devices up to the 100-year event are proposed to be collected by a storm sewer system to allow safe conveyance to the local watercourses or open ditches. Water quality treatment to runoffs from the roadways has also been considered in the design by means of mechanical or biological pre-treatment.

Summary of Reports - Harrison Rise Project -Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment

Envirowest Consultants Inc. (Envirowest) was retained to conduct an Environmental Assessment for the subject site. For the OCP Amendment, Rezoning and Subdivision development, general environmental conditions of the subject site were assessed in 2020 and 2021 keeping in context the varying weather conditions. Assessments of the watercourses and other drainage features within the property were completed in 2020 and 2021. The assessment suggests setbacks ranging from 10 m to 30 m throughout the site along the watercourses.

Summary of Reports - Harrison Rise Project -Archaelogical study

Archaeological Information

Stó:lō Research and Resource Management Centre was retained to prepare an Archaeological Impact Assessment. AIA Permit application was filed to conduct a Cultural Heritage Impact assessment. Permit to conduct the AIA for this project was received in November 2021.

Summary of Reports - Harrison Rise Project -Traffic Report

Traffic Report

Creative Transportation Solutions Ltd. (CTS) was retained to provide high level traffic engineering advice for the future development. As the social interaction restrictions due to the COVID-19 outbreak are set to continue well into the foreseeable future, CTS in conjunction with the Fraser Valley Regional District, will review all available historical data and then develop the best estimate of baseline “pre-outbreak” year 2021 traffic volumes. CTS will commence work on a full report once more information is available in respect to the proposed options for the Northeast corner located at 43873 Lougheed Hwy and the South parcel of the site (PID 012-051-853, PID 012-051-888).

Summary of Reports - Harrison Rise Project -Wildfire assessment

Wildfire Assessment Report

Diamond Head Consulting Ltd. (DHC) was retained to prepare an assessment of fire interface risks and mitigation measures for subject site. A site visit was conducted in August 2021 and the assessment report was received in October 2021. This assessment includes natural areas within 200m of the development site.

Summary of Reports - Harrison Rise Project -residential market analysis

Residential Market Analysis

Deliotte LLP was retained to conduct a market analysis in Summer 2021. The objective was to identify local and regional market trends in the Lake Errock and surrounding area to make recommendations on lot size considerations for the proposed development on subject site. The recommendation is to consider lot sizes in the 500-700 m² range along with a possibility of offering limited larger lots (1000 m2) to accommodate different housing forms (such as bungalow, two-level home). There is a considerate shortage of affordable housing and rental housing in the community that needs to be addressed. These recommendations are based on interviews with local realtors, market data, and comparable communities.