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Harrison Rise Project

Project Timeline




  • Two Public Information meetings
  • First Nations meetings
  • Distribution of Frequently Asked Questions
  • Electoral Area Directors site visit with residents
  • March 22, 2016 Board meeting provides opportunity for public input



FVRD Board Meeting

The Board approved the following application on March 22, 2016:

  • Short-term gravel mine operations
  • Maximum 6 years, 7m high berms of aggregate extraction, followed by potential residential development

completed 2021


Research and Data Analysis

Prepared or coordinated by Aplin Martin, reviewed by FVRD, funded by Developer

  • Planning: Existing Conditions, Base Mapping, Requirements
  • Environmental: Background Research, Inventory of Environmental Features
  • Archaeological: Background Research, Conduct Inventory of Archaeological Features
  • Geohazard: Review and Identify Potential Hazards in Plan Area
  • Civil Engineering: Background Research, Traffic Road Alignment, Road Classification
  • Infrastructure Engineering: Background Research, Sanitary, Water, Stormwater Capacity, Connectivity.
  • Transportation Study: Transportation Memo to assess the traffic impact.
  • Noise pollution assessment

August 2021


Public Information Meeting

Virtual Public Information Meeting session hosted by Aplin Martin and the applicant on August 9, 2021.

Completed 2021


Technical Reporting

Prepared or coordinated by Aplin Martin, reviewed by FVRD, funded by Developer

  • Environmental Assessment
  • Archaeological Assessment
  • Geohazard Assessment
  • Conceptual Civil Plans, Findings and Recommendations
  • Conceptual Infrastructure Plans, Findings and Recommendations

Feb – April 2022


Community Engagement

  • Meetings with local First Nations began in August 2021
  • Design charette (End of April 2022) – We have scheduled two Design charette sessions (April 19 and April 22) to provide the opportunity for the public to share their interest and ideas regarding the future potential land-uses and type of units
  • Public Information Meeting (May 2022) – After getting the public input during design charette in April, a public information session will be scheduled to hear from the public on the proposed subdivision concept.

May – June 2022


Land Use plan Preparation

  • Land-Use Plan
  • Land-Use Plan Policies and Core Principles
  • Transportation Corridors Map
  • Park and Recreation Map

June 2022


Application Submission

Application submission based on FVRD guideline